Kryptos- Burn Up The Night – Album Review by Demonize Debz


Release Date :23rd September 2016- AFM Records

Reviewed by Demonize Debz 1st September 2016 for Metal Devastation Radio

I have been a fan of Kryptos since their 2012 release The Coils Of Apollyon and I was really excited when their forthcoming album Burn Up The Night dropped into my inbox.

Formed in 1998 in Bangalore, India, Kryptos have certainly earned their metal stripes having toured extensively and supported metal icons such as Iron Maiden, Death Angel and Testament to name but a few. They were the first Indian band to complete a full European tour and in fact they have just completed a further forty-five date tour spanning Europe. They were also the first Indian band to play a full set at Wacken Open Air and their debut album Spiral Ascent although no longer pressed is still considered to be a landmark release in Indian metal history (according to Wikipedia).

Burn Up The Night is an eight track album that definitely does not disappoint and it is great to hear that the band still pay homage to their early influences of 80’s thrash and NWOBHM and that they still retain that old school heavy metal ‘feel’. These influences are intricately laced throughout the album, yet Kryptos have still been able to maintain their unique heavy metal sound.

The first single from the album, Full Throttle lunges into a catchy chuggy riff that sounds like it has been around for years further enforced by the German style thrash vocals of Nolan Lewis and twin guitars of both he and Rohit Chaturvedi. You will want to bob if not bang your head to this tune for sure!

One Shot To Kill continues with the infectious need to hear more and makes you tap your feet whether you want to or not and if you were around in the 80’s you will definitely recognise influences from the era greats such as Motley Crue and Ratt.

The title track of the album, Burn Up The Night, the last track on the album and my favourite track, brings eight classically formed heavy metal tracks to the perfect close. Overall Burn Up the Night is a well-produced album that will appeal to thrashers and classic heavy metallers alike. I can foresee it finding its way into the collections of people who would normally choose to listen to the lighter side the metal genres purely due to its catchy melodies.

If you adore classic sounding heavy metal, with catchy riffs from twin guitars and gravelly vocals that can be understood, then this album is for you. Grab a beer, sit back, chill and enjoy the ride just like I did! Kryptos have arrived!


Track Listing:                        Kryptos are:

Blackstar Horizon                   Nolan Lewis- Guitars/Vocals

Full Throttle                            Rohit Chaturvedi – Guitars

The Summoning                     Ganesh K.- Bass

Unto Elysium                          Anthony Hoover – Drums

One Shot To Kill


Prepare to Strike

Burn Up The Night