Vicious Nature – The Silence That Kills (Single)

Vicious Nature – The Silence That Kills (Single)

Review by DJ Demonize Debz – For Metal Devastation Radio

It is not a secret that I am a fan of Vicious Nature so when Jon ‘JB’ Brown contacted me and asked me to review their new single I couldn’t wait to get my headphones on and get writing.

The Single, The Silence That Kills, will be available on the new Vicious Nature DVD that is due for imminent release. The DVD has a Latin title, Ex Cineribus, which translates into English as ‘Out Of The Ashes ‘, which is an apt title given that the band was formed by ex – members of Marshall Law, Cloven Hoof, and Cerebral Fix, all 3 bands that I remember very well!

Vicious Nature have kept true to form with The Silence That Kills, opening with a catchy intro that instantly grabs your attention but on this occasion leads you into a false sense of direction. You could be forgiven for thinking that the opening bars are about to lead you into a screaming death metal track when in fact the song lets loose into an 80’s inspired mosh thrashing riff that you can’t but help bang your head to, and it oozes reminiscence of Thrash greats such as Exodus, Anthrax and Metal Church.

Andy Southwell’s guitar melodies are expertly layered with JB’s kicking drums and the rhythmic bass of Mark Culley and his short but delightful guitar solo definitely shows his early self-confessed influence by Eddie Van Halen.  Andy Pyke’s superb classic metal vocals gel everything together into one huge pit of metalness and you can’t help but want to hear more new releases from the band. If ‘proper’ Heavy Metal is your bag then you should most definitely check out Vicious Nature. They are British metal at its best and given their history are ‘in it for the long haul’



Andy Pyke – Vocals

Andy Southwell – Guitars

Mark Culley – Bass Guitar

Jon ‘JB’ Brown – Drums



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