Welcome to my site – They call me The Mistress of Metal because metal is all that I have time for! I get a real buzz out of the scene and listen to metal from all genres from the calmest AOR to the most brutal death metal, but NWOBHM and Thrash remain to be two of my favourites.  You have probably guessed by the domain name of my site I am a DJ! I radio DJ for Metal Devastation Radio.com and Hastings Rock Radio 87.7fm and have DJ’ed at numerous festivals and events, including Den Fest, Garage Dayz Re-Visited, Mammothfest and more!  I also manage bookings at The Carlisle Rock Pub in Hastings which suits me just fine as I can book lots of great bands for fans to see! If you need a Heavy Metal DJ I am your girl! I have decks and will travel …x DD x

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