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I am having such fun this year with so many great gigs coming up and looking forward to my fave festival Bloodstock, catching up with my girls and who knows a DJ set would be nice! I am DJin live @ Grimm Up North Fest on 30th Sep 2017- it’s a great benefit gig for Steve Grimmet of Grim Reaper who you all know lost his leg whilst on tour ! Get your tickets and grab a beer with me!

I will also be live @ The Carlisle in Hastings loads this year as I am resident DJ , booker and promoter here! We have a pre- warm up gig for  the WASP gig that will take place at The White Rock Theatre in Hastings, add to that  Fri 17th Nov when I will be back again in support of the Chris Holmes/ Sacrilege gig at the Carlisle.

I have been offered other live dates and must apologise to those that I had to turn down- maybe next year!

I have yet again been banned by FB for using my name of DJ Demonize Debz. (Debz Jane Demonize). Of course all of you know me by this name because this is who I am and after the 5th time of submitting the same ID one would hope that they had a way of marking a profile to say it has been checked given that they are such a large organisation! Who knows maybe it is too simple **chuckles to oneself**!

Anyway I hope you are having a rocking 2017 so far and I will see you on the road somewhere!


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