Gigs and Jigs – Grimm Up North Fest

I have had such a blast this year – it has been manic for sure! Grimm Up North was a fabulous festival in aid of Steve Grimmett from Grim Reaper and there were so many bands that played it was really hard to choose my faves! Of course the old skool bands  rocked – Spartan Warrior, Troyen , Desolation Angels and Weapon UK and newly formed bands Like Lovell’s Blade stole the show for sure. I was blown away by Holocaust – my first time seeing them and hope it’s not so long next time! I had a blast DJin between bands and compereing. I have to apologise to Kevin Riddles from Tytan- lol – sorry again- a mis-understanding with a thumbs up! Grimm Up North is back next year – watch this space!

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